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Flatmates (2006 - 2008)




Flatmates considers tenants as social phenomena. The most representative members of this unique sub-class belong, in London, to that part of the population, which is not from London. They are 'citizen-passengers', just passing through, but whose passage has been built up over the years, often turning this temporary state into a permanent one. Flatmates is mainly a project about the person and his/her private universe. A distant view - the faraway eye - shows the person in his/her room, whilst they go about their lives. The close-up intends to catch the detail, the 'domestic still life' tells a story. The hemispherical images take inspiration from the mirrors of the Flemish tradition of art history. Distorted and timeless they are mirrors of people’s lives; they represent the ‘temporary-permanent’ stage in which they live.

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