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participatory project in collaboration with curator Laura Manione 

In viaggio su un treno fermo (Journeying on a stationary train) is a participatory project, which takes the form of a ‘blog’. A series of photographs taken during a trip in South of India are followed by short stories written by western writers, who have never been in this country before. The project takes inspiration from Italian 19th century exotic tales writer Emilio Salgari, whose knowledge of India was purely based on the information he collected at Turin library, reading foreign newspapers, encyclopedias and travel magazines. In the same way, this project involved people, who have never been in India and who agreed to embark on an imaginative journey to the country. In viaggio su un treno fermo intends to explore, through the combination of words and images, the concept of ‘exotic’ mapped out by a variety of intimate visions and personal approaches to what is unknown and faraway.

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